"C" is food, animal feed, oil, natural gas, forests, plants
when all of this runs out then we will always be left with CO2 as the biggest problem and the last great hope
currency (money) must be a contract, between suppliers of food, raw materials, energy, products and labor
thieves, stealing electricity from the power grid; mythomaniacs and swindlers, turning real energy into rows of meaningless numbers, needed by no one, must go
now begins the time of real raw materials, real products and real work

OVCO2C (C2C) is the collective name for electronic settlements between suppliers and customers. Linkage to markets through the Euro (EUR); through the EUR we can compare and contrast to other commodity and currency markets. The fixed algorithm includes current prices of basic commodities and major currencies (as a proxy representation of the services market and industrial production). Values are calculated and provided by: enansa.com domain owner.

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