One Earth Of Various Speeds

Anglo-Saxon Worlds are not the only. Fading old powers. New trails. New places. Unexpected changes. New languages and alphabets. New communities. Strong religious communities. Cultural areas. A colorful mosaic,
You have to be everywhere. One must be ready for a new opportunity. We give you 108 languages. Different alphabets and forms of writing.
Happy New Year. What year is this? Is 2025 or 1447? Maybe 5785? Totally irrelevant. All the best!
The wealthy cities of the North Pacific. Raw materials paradises. Anti-inflation rush. The struggle to survive another day. The important and the unimportant. We live on.
Rugged city girl. Jaded poetic boy. The image is not important. You'll win either way. And you will fall. Five or seven times. You'll be penniless. You'll lose your friends. You will only be left with an endless link. And You will win. Or you will walk away struggling. We will always be with You. The tough new internet Year!

Raw materials paradisesjpeg