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Fighting inflationary pressures. The war for raw materials. LNG carriers. Siberian power. Liquefied gas only for Asia. The challenges of 2022. For goods exchanging portal. Notably: internet shops, computer providers, music celebrities, bloggers, investments organization, tiny businesses. Personal finance.  Private loans. Domain investments. Advertising  in over a hundred languages.

In response to the article. No money or banking. Five proposals so far. The base price is the equivalent of a modest meal. Support in Your own language.
Take in exchange: pajam, pants, dresses, sculptures, bullion coins, pottery,porcelain, rubies, clothes, shoes, sapphires, metal detectors, jasper, precious minerals, gemstones, toys, laptop, cups, smartphones, shirts, ethnic products, graphics, posters, crafts, art, candy, masks, tools, notes, stocks and securities. Professional and useful items.

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the battle for raw materials under inflationary pressure 

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