strengthened place in internet

Profit makers. Manufacturers and retailers. Investors and social lending. The constant uncertainty. The whims of internet giants. Disappearing ad portals. Artificially inflated viewership. The greed of server operators. The changing grace of social networks. Constant creating from the ground up. Exploding costs. Working for others.

The new path. Endless presence. You only pay once. You change and upgrade always for free. You can pay with goods.

Overloaded English-speaking market. The need for a new opening. New groups of customers. Over 100 languages. Attractive markets of ethnic languages. Respect for tradition and religion. New areas of expansion. Southeastern Europe. East and central Africa. Central Asia. Countries of Islamic tradition. The great islands of South Asia. Many alphabets and forms of transcription.

Base cost like the price of a meal. An investment like a cheap laptop. An old laptop is a new investment. Eternity costs 12 dollars. Your commodity is Your independent currency. Respect Your stand-alone currency. Reject the madness of currency speculation. Money is not a goal. Money is just a tool. Conjure up Your success. Your success is Your own brand. Your success is Your product.