internationalized of the American New Dollar 2024

America must abandon inflationary financing for development. America must build a new foundation for the dollar. The dollar must be the weapon of the Western world. The dollar must be the first stage in the integration of Western Civilization. From Japan and Taiwan. Through Europe and Africa. All the way to America. From Alaska to Patagonia.

Old currency systems are dying month by month. The pace of change is staggering and frightening. Reckless creation of trillions must end.

Currency denomination change of is not needed. Replacement of coins and banknotes is not necessary.

The new dollar must have a modern cryptocurrency dynamic. It has to be a collaborative tool, not a financial plunder. The dollar again must be credible with trust and not just with the fear. Internationalization or a slow downfall. There is no other ways.

internationalized the American New Dollar 2024jpeg