inflationary toxic money is Your enemy

Money. Old and honest. Prestige for the ancient Kingdoms. Facilitation of trade. A means for accumulating wealth. So it was ...

Then came the great wars. Came the great designs of democracies and dictatorships. Someone had to pay for it.

Armaments and pandemics. And other such things. What is money today? It's just a tool of the rulers. Inflationary money held too long is starting to become poisonous. To take from You - what else you have. And to force you to work more and more cheaply.

What is the solution? Simple and the only one. Your product is Yours best independent currency. Your services and your work. That's all you have. And be true to it.

Money is Your enemy. Money is a danger. The way out of trouble is a real product: goods, service, work.


helicopter money need not be poisonouspng

inflationary toxic money is Your enemypng